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Beechworth Cemetery was established in 1856 and contains the graves of many of Beechworths pioneers.  Some of those pioneers include Alexander Roy (Dick) Harwood who produced the first "Talkie" movie in Australia; Jacob Hoffmann, an American Civil War Veteran; John Drummond who served in 11 battles of the Peninsular War against Napoleon including Waterloo in 1815;  James Riley another American Civil War Veteran; James M Storey, a Mexican War Veteran including the famous cavalry charge at Resaca de la Palma in 1846, he is buried here with his wife Eliza Hodgens who was transported from England for theft in 1839; John Watt who assisted in making the geodetic survey to determine the boundary line between Victoria and New South Wales, he was shot by bushrangers, not dying until nine days later;  Henry Ah Yett who was the last of the 2000 plus Chinese buried in Beechworth at the age of 105 in 1932 and the Chinese Burning Towers which were built in 1857 and were used for burning paper prayers and meals for the dead.

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