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All photos taken on behalf of Yoogali Soccer Club and the Riverina Rhinos are made freely available to download in low resolution. You may also purchase a high-resolution file that can be printed.  If you do purchase a file I'm happy to also provide you with a version that has not been watermarked if you email me.

To purchase photos, click on the small shopping cart that appears when you hover over a photo. If you select Photos from This Gallery, you have the option to select multiple photos from the gallery. Alternatively, select This Photo to add that photo to your shopping cart. Please note that the price displayed may be in $US.

If purchasing for personal use select “Personal Photo License”.  If you intend to use it commercially such as on your company website or business related Facebook page please select “Commercial Photo License”.

If you have any issues please let me know via the Contact Me page.

The Australian Copyright Act 1968 protects photographers by giving the photographer the exclusive rights to reproduce and use photographs that they have taken unless those exclusive rights have been specifically transferred to another party. Violations of the Australian Copyright Act includes, but is not limited to, making copies, scanning, printing, downloading or reproducing photographs on this website in any manner without the photographer's permission.  

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