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My life and work in design and technology have taken me across the world and around Australia, always with a camera within reach. I enjoy using natural light to reveal the beauty in landscapes, the vitality of street scenes and the fascinating variety of people and animals I have found along the way. Now that I am settled in regional Australia, I have become involved with local sporting clubs, developing a reputation as a sports photographer, specialising in all forms football, netball and motorsports.

Griffith has a thriving live music scene and I am regularly seen at venues to record the action and atmosphere of live performances. I enjoy the challenge of working with the lighting effects and staging to reveal the personality of individual artists and their interaction with the audience.

I am available for individual commissions in the Riverina. Check out my Facebook page for updates and please browse through the various folders and galleries of this web site.  If you have a question or would like more information please click on the Contact Me link above or send an email to the following address.

CASA Notification ID: 19202

Untitled photo

The Australian Copyright Act 1968 protects photographers by giving the photographer the exclusive rights to reproduce and use photographs that they have taken unless those exclusive rights have been specifically transferred to another party. Violations of the Australian Copyright Act includes, but is not limited to, making copies, scanning, printing, downloading or reproducing photographs on this website in any manner without the photographer's permission.  

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